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 Nikau Palm; Lemonwood, tarata (Pittosporum eugenioides); King fern, para, tawhiti para, horseshoe fern (Ptisana salicina, formerly Marattia salicina); ground cover: New Zealand begonia, parataniwha (Elatostema rugosum)

The author suggested a school party visit as the most meaningful way to display the tree as it is today. This was a great illustration to design and do.

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 Silver fern, kaponga or ponga (Cyathea dealbata), first trademarked as a New Zealand icon in 1885; Perching lily, Kahakaha (Collospermum hastatum).

I hope the message of this work is clear for everyone.

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 Red Admiral butterfly, kahukura (Bassaris Gonerilla, formerly Vanessa gonerilla).
 Nikau Palm; King fern, para, tawhiti para, horseshoe fern.

A sketch drawn by the author from the bed of this stream became the basis for this painting.
The Maori name for the Red Admiral - ‘kahukura’ means ‘red cloak’. This butterfly appears in Maori mythology as the god of travellers, life, death, and disease. Red Admirals are known to be strong fliers and like Taketakerau they are long-lived (as butterflies go). Some may overwinter and last 9 months, at the end of which time they may be quite battered and worn. I saw this solo butterfly as a kindred spirit to Taketakerau - also a battered, long-lived 'traveller'.

Enjoy the works!

Patricia HowittPatricia Howitt

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