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 NZ Native Pigeon, kereru; Red-crowned Parakeet, kakariki; Stitchbird, hihi.

This looked like being a real challenge, with the author requesting a view from the top of the tree looking down the trunk. I have to say, it came together a lot more easily than I expected.

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 Morepork, ruru; Copper Skink (Cyclodina aenea).
 Nikau Palm; Kiekie (Freycinetia banksii) - the Polynesian settlers ate its fruits and used the leaves for plaiting and weaving.

As tapu is placed on the tree, the Morepork and Lizard arrive to take up their posts as guardians.

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 Morepork, ruru; Copper Skink; Puriri moth, pepetuna, mokoroa, ngutara, pungoungou.

I used a stunning night sky and dark shadowy forms of the warriors and whanau to create the mood for this burial ritual.

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 Bellbird, korimako.
Karamu (Coprosma robusta) healing plant for wounds, also scabies, kidney and bladder - used by priests to ritually sprinkle warriors going into battle; Supplejack, kareao.

In the picture there is a clue to who will win this battle. Can you work out what it is?

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 Morepork, ruru; Bellbird, korimako; NZ Native Pigeon, kereru; Green Gecko.
 Nikau Palm; Mamaku, Black tree fern (Cyathea medullaris}. Leather leaf fern (Pyrrosia serpens).

Though most of the creatures in this picture are looking out at the ship, you might notice the morepork and the gecko are looking at each other. Maybe they know this white bird will bring big changes to Aotearoa.

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 Long-finned pilot whale, blackfish, paraki pihi (Globicephala melas); Ship or black rat, pouhawaiki (Rattus rattus).

I wanted to convey strongly the stark contrast between the pristine beauty of the natural landscape, and the invasion of these men and their horrible task. In the background, Sealers Bay, Codfish Island, where there is an archaeological record of shore whaling.

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 Fantail, piwakawaka; NZ Native Pigeon, kereru.
 Miro (Prumnopitys ferruginea); Pukatea, NZ Laurel (Laurelia novae-zelandiae); Mamaku, Black tree fern; Crown fern, kiokio (Blechnum discolor); Supplejack, kareao.
 Uniform of NZ Forest Rangers. Firearms: Enfield 1853 Rifle-Musket.

The birds, the tree fern and even the supplejack, all seem to be mourning for the loss of young life on both sides of this battle.

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This work is a tribute to the pioneer women, both Maori and pakeha who like this lady, must have laboured long and hard in the background to make a life for their families. I have also brought out the stark contrast between the still standing bush and the acres felled and burned for pasture.

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